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Our Success Stories
   “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord "plans to give you not afflication but peace and a future."
~Jeremiah 29:11

At St. Anthony's Childrens Home (SACH) the fruit of our efforts have grown to over 200 children. Their names and some of their accomplishments within the following list;.
Donna L. - SAC prior to 1979, Employee of Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. (KPMG) killed on 9/11/01 in WTC.
Beverly R. - SAC before 1979, now a Private Investigator, Canada
Fitzroy - SAC before 1979, obtained PHD in Medicine and is now a Medical Director, Trinidad, WI
Sybil F. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Nurse, Neptune, NJ, USA
Patrica F. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Computer Tech/Realtor, Neptune, NJ
Andre M. - SAC after 1979, lives in UK, serves in the Royal Airforce.
Sophia P. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Nurse, Wembly, England
Michelle N. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Real Estate Agent, Canada
Joanna(Dimples) D. - SAC between 1979-1989, works as Airport Supervisor, Jamaica
Ewan H. - SAC before 1979, now works with Dept of Customs, Jamaica
Dawn H. - SAC before 1979, now a Nurse, Rockville, MD, USA
Carmalita S. - SAC before 1979, works as Airport Supervisor, Miami, FL, USA
Thelm F. - SAC before 1979, now a Social Worker for the Dept. of Corrections, Canada
Shawn F. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Car Salesman, Jamaica
Stacey R. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Police Officer, Canada
Joyce S. - SAC before 1979,became an RN and had two daughters, Neptune, NJ, Died in 2006
Linda D. - SAC before 1979, now a wife and mother, Jamaica, WI
John A. - SAC before 1979, now owner of a Spice Company, Jamaica, WI
Ivan - SAC before 1979, now owner of a pig farm, Jamaica, WI
Hilton M. - SAC between 1989-2007, now the caretaker of the Home, Jamaica, WI
Michele H. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Secretary, Jamaica, WI
Kirt C. - SAC between 1979-1989, now an Accountant, Canada
Gary C. - SAC between 1979-1989, also an Accountant, Canada
Chevonne N. - SAC between 1979-1989, now a Special Needs Teacher, Essex, UK
Telpha K. - SAC between 1983-1990, 2006 Graduate of Daytona C. College, now a Nurse in USA
Sade C. - SAC between 1990-2006, attended Mountain View Primary School, Jamaica, WI
Latoya J. - SAC between 2000-2003, Jamaica, WI
Shaquille M. - SAC between 1996-2006, Jamaica, WI
Tamara T. - SAC between 1993-2005, attended Queens School, Jamaica, WI
Kariese T. - SAC between 1993-2005, went to live in Atlanta, GA, USA
Cynthia S. - SAC between 1993-2003, Jamaica, WI
Claudia H. - SAC between 1984-2007, MA Accting at Morgan State, now a CPA,USA
Devin J. - SAC between 1989-2006, now working in an Insurance Agency, Jamaica, WI
Sandra H. - SAC before 1979, received a PHD in Economics, working in USA
Angela W. - SAC before 1979, received a PHD in Special Education, working in the UK
Steve B. - SAC before 1979, received a PHD in History, living in FL, USA
Patricia F. - SAC between 1992-2007, now a House Mother at St. Anthony's Home, Jamaica, WI
Marlene R. - SAC before 2000-2007, now a House Mother at St. Anthony's Home, Jamaica, WI
Vivieen H. - SAC after 1979, now Asst. Dir. St. Anthony's Home, Jamaica, WI
Joy M. - SAC after 1979, now Office Mgr. St. Anthony's Home, Jamica, WI
Jody Ann. B. - SAC between 1979-2002, now a Teacher, Bethume U. Graduate, became in nurse in Florida /> Janelle B. - SAC between 1979-2002, now a Teacher, Bethume U. Graduate, FL, USA
Brittney - SAC between 1979-2006, graduate of Bethume University, FL, lives in UK
Stacey Ann S - SAC between 1979-2006, graduate of Bethume University, FL, lives in UK
Camille A. - SAC between 1979-1991, obtained a Degree in Fashion Design, Jamaica, WI
Sophia A. - SAC between 1977-1993, attended Marcus Community College 1993 Grad, Jamaica, WI
Andre B. - SAC between 1993-1997, attended private schools 1996-1997, Jamaica, WI
Idyll B. - SAC before 1979, now a Private Investigator, Canada
Patricia (Evadney) B. - SAC since 1993, now volunteers at St. Anthony's Home, Jamaica
Shevicka (Tuffy) B. - SAC between 1983-1975, attended St. Francis Ann School, Jamaica, WI
Sherene B. - SAC between 1979-1989, attended Our Lady of Angels Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Patrice B. - SAC between 1982-1995, attended St. Cecilia Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Bartley J. - SAC between 1991-1996, Evans Prep School, Awards in sports, Jamaica,WI
Yvette, B - SAC between 1979- 1986, attended Our Lady of Angels Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Tsarita B. - SAC 1989-1990
Jodie Ann B. - SAC between 1989-1990, attended St. Cecilia Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Dwayne C. - SAC between 1987-1997, Baptized at Our Lady of Angels 1987
Tianina C. - SAC between 1999-2005
Marie Christie - SAC between 1973-1992, attended St. Francis High School, Kingston, Jamaica
Kimberley C. - SAC between 1991-2000
Daffodil D. - SAC between 1980-1998, received Academic Awards from Our Lady of Angels, Jamaica, WI
Jerome D. - SAC between 1976-1986, received Academic Awards in Primary to High School, Jamaica, WI
Nadine D. - SAC between 1993-2000, Chef at a Catering Company, Jamaica, WI
Richard D. - SAC between 1988-1998, at Dun Robin High School, desired higher education, Jamaica, WI
Kadian Edwards - SAC between 1987-1993, attended Merl Grove High School, Jamaica, WI
Ricardo E. - SAC between 1991-2000
David E. - SAC after 1976
Karlene E. - SAC after 1989
Maureen E. - SAC between 1977-1983, attended St. Patrick Primary School, Jamaica, WI
Lisa F. - SAC between 1976-1990, attended St. Francis All Age School, Jamaica, WI
Shawn F. - SAC between 1975-1989, attended St. George College, Account Mgr, Jamaica, WI
Jerimane G. - SAC after 1991.
Sudani G. - SAC between 1988-1995, attended Sandhurst Basic Primary School
Paula G. - SAC after 1989, received "Most Improved Girl" award St. Peter Paul Prep, Jamaica, WI
Johanna G - SAC after 1992, now a Security Officer, Jamaica, WI
Melvin H. - SAC after 1986
Natasha H - SAC after 1994
Tanya H. - SAC after 1991
Hazel H - SAC after 1979
Tasian H - SAC after 1991, attended Sandhurst Basic School, Jamaica, WI
Kerry-Ann H. - SAC after 1993, attened Papine Comprehensive High School, Jamaica, WI
Kemesha H. - SAC after 1992
Henry R. - SAC after 1989
Tellesha H. - SAC after 1989
Chevonne H. - SAC after 1989
Stacey-Ann H. - SAC after 1991
Shauna-Kay H. - SAC after 1986
Nareeca H. - SAC between 1988-1992, attended Sandhurst Basic School, Jamaica, WI
SACH between 1987-1999, works for a pharmaceutical company.
Christopher M. - SAC after 1992
Audrey M. - SAC after 1995, attended Primary and Dunoon Tech Vocational School
Lisa M. - SAC after 1991 from homeless family
Natalie N. - SAC after 1985, attended St. Cecilia Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Simone M. - SAC after 1991, works for an educational non-profit organization.
Angelica M - SAC after 1989, 1996 award in "High Academic Improvement" St. Cecilia Prep, Jamaica, WI
Georgia M. - SAC after 1985, attended St. Cecilia, Jamaica, WI
Kerry Ann H. - SAC after 1991, As an Honors Student, received Academic Awards, Jamaica, WI
Bernadette - SAC between 1987-1999;
Angelina M. - SAC between 1987-1999; lives in England
Donna M - SAC between 1987-1999; lives in Jamaica
Kayon F. - SAC between 1987 - 1999; became a nurse and lives in Daytona, Fl
Zaynah Shakeeva M. - SAC after 1998, Attended Elletson Primary School, Jamaica, WI
Andre M. - SAC after 1993
Winsome N. - SAC after 1980
Veronica M. - SAC after 1978, attended St. Francis Primary and Immaculate Concept High School
Andre N. - SAC after 1992.
Timothy O. - SAC after 1988.
Michelle N. - SAC after 1979, attended Our Lady of Angels Prep and graduated from High School
Cadesha O. - SAC between 1980-2000, BA in Teaching from St. Joseph Teacher's College, USA.
Shakiera S. - SAC after 1999, attended Mountainview Primary School, Jamaica, WI
Jevine S. - SAC after 1996, attended St. Joseph High School, Jamaica, WI
Stacy S. - SAC between 1988-2000, received many academic awards at St. Cecilia Prep, today living in England
Telecia S. - SAC after 1987, attended Sandhurst School 1991-1993, Received Awards, Jamaica, WI
Donna-Marie T. - SAC between 1988-1993, received academic awards at Our Lady of Angels, Jamaica, WI
Faysha S. - SAC between 1991-1992
Rene T. - SAC after 1984, attended Immaculate Conception Prep School, Jamaica, WI
Lydia T. - SAC between 1985-1993
Jacqueline T. - SAC after 1984.
Orlando (Junior) T. - SAC after 1983
Michelle T. - SAC between 1974-1990, had no birth record, attended St. Peter & Paul School
Vincent F. - SAC between 1982-1996
Andrew W. - SAC after 2001.
Kathy-Ann T. - SAC after 1987, received Rotary Club of Kingston Award, very sweet daughter
Jamila W. - SAC after 1991
Jessica W. - SAC after 1999
Theordore W. - SAC after 1993.
Alicia A. - SAC after 2003
Kureene A. - SAC after 1980, received BA in Comp. Science, Bethune-Cookman College, FL, USA
Dane Antonia B. - SAC after 1998
Olive E. - SAC 2002
Kadechah R. - SAC after 1984, obtained BA in Teaching, Bethume Cookman College, FL, USA
Big David S - SAC between 1997-1999, works for a pharmaceutical company
Dave H. - SAC after 1995
Dameon M. - SAC between 1987 - 1999 - works for the ministry of Education in Jamaica
Stacy Anne S. - SAC between 1987-1999 - lives in England
Deja H. - SAC after 2001
Kimani C. - SAC after 1989
Tessa D - SAC before 1979
Yanique C. - SAC between 1985-2007, Masters in Education, S. Carolina State, USA
Charming J. - SAC before 1998
Diana J. - SAC after 1988
John A. - SAC after 1966, Graduate of St. Georges College 1983, Jamaica
Tanya J. - SAC between 1982-1990
Cordian J. - SAC after 1990
Leothia L. - SAC after 1974, lives in Toronto, Canada
Janet L. - SAC after May 1965, lives in England
Cristal L. - SAC between 1993 - 2007, lives in New York, USA
Kerri Ann L.- SAC after 1994.
Dahlia P - SAC after 1989.
Natasha Reynolds - SAC between 1988-1993.
Sherice P - SAC between 1988-1993, went from below average to "A" Student.
Lemar P. - SAC after 1988, opened a tire shop in Jamaica
Lashanda P.- SAC after 1985
Lamont P. - SAC after 1988, works for a computer stationary store.
Levar P. - SAC after 1987
Andrew R. - SAC after 1987
Sophia P. - SAC between 1969-1990
Vivian R. - SAC 1980's, today lives in Jamaica
Christine R. - SAC after 1984
Lancelot R. - SAC between 1999 and 2007
Carl R. - SAC - after 1992
David - Current St. Anthony's Child since 1984
Billy - Current SAC since 1997.
Chantel - Current SAC since 2001.
Mary - Current SAC since 2006.
Oneila - Current SAC since 2006.
Jazel - Current SAC since 2005.
Sidani - Current SAC since 2003.
Roxanne - Current SAC since 2003.
Latisha - Current SAC since 2005.
Matthew - Current SAC since 2005.
Annie - Current SAC since 2005.
Bam Bam - Current SAC since 2001.
Dante - Current SAC since 1998.
Kevin- Current SAC since 1996.
Latoya - Current SAC since 2005.
Andrew - Current SAC since 2001.
Raymond - Current SAC since 1992.
Erresha - Current SAC since 1996.
Queola - Current SAC since 2001.
Mitsy - Current SAC since 2002.
Yashorna - Current SAC since 1988.
Jermaine - Current SAC since 1996.
Kamalee - Current SAC since 1991.
Kimani - Current SAC since 2003.
David - Current SAC since 1996.
Abby - Current SAC since 2005.
Mario - SAC since 1996.
Tamara - Current SAC since 2006.
Brittany - SAC since 2005.
Tiffany - SAC since 2005.
Devin - SAC since 2004.
Dwayne - SAC since 2005.
Karlene - Current SAC since 1990.

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