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Newsletters are currently on-hold due to the death of Father Paul and will resume as soon as possible.

We still invite you to consider helping to establish an e-mail list, so that when letter resume you will be notified of any news concerning St. Anthony's Children's Home. In the meantime you will receive informational letters from Food for the Poor while they continue managment of our home.

We can no longer receive on-line payments. For donations by check or money order, we ask that you carefully place a source code # 76504 for St. Anthony's Children's Home, Jamaica, WI. in the notation portion of your donation.

Donations by mail must be sent to "Food for the Poor" and a note; for St. Anthony's Children's Home, Source Code #76504, on the check or money order. See our Donations Page for the Food for the Poor address and contact information. It is also very important to make a notation on your donation to Food for the Poor - Please also designate the specific purpose of your donation; example: Education, Food, Upkeep of Home, Medical Needs, etc. Food for the Poor is required by law to use your funds as specifically indicated or they must return the donation in full back to the donor.

Again, we thank you for this consideration on providing your email address so that we can establish another method of communication with you. Our sincere thanks for considering us in your future donations.

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