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October 25, 2010

Dear Friends & Benefactors:

Our dear "Dad" passed on to his Heavenly Home on October 25, 2010. On behalf of our Father, the staff, and children of St. Anthony's Children's Home, we wish to thank you all for years of support. Dad was always so happy and pleased with your very generous response to his letters over the years. He asked us also to extend his love and thanks for your prayers, your kind letters of encouragement, and your mass intentions.

We ask for your continued support of St. Anthony's Children's Home. We will continue to appreciate whatever assistance you are able to contribute. For all financial contributions, please write Source Code # 76504 on the check and mail your contributions directly to FOOD FOR THE POOR, Inc.

May our dear Lord watch over him in Heaven and shower you and yours with many blessings.


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