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COMMITTED to helping children...
Over 40 years of caring and protectint vulnerable children of Jamaica by providing a nurturing CHRISTIAN FAMILY LIFE AND HOME.
MOTIVATED by God's love...
Tranforming lives with OUR FAMILY, the building blocks and OUR PRAYERS, the foundation, and EDUCATION, provides the opportunity.
EDUCATED in responsiblity to family
Family life instills HOPE, while educating RESPONSIBILITY, SELF-RESPECT, and RESPECT for others.

St. Anthony's Childrens Home established by Father Paul Walsh  ( December 25, 1926 - October 25, 2010)

Welcome to St. Anthony's Children's Home Website. Our home will soon become part of the community of Mustard Seed Communities, a Jamaican organization that also cares for the most vunerable in Jamaica.

Our mission was to protect and provide for the poor and vulnerable children of Jamaica and from 1959 to the death of our founder, Father Paul Walsh in October 2010, and we are proud to have accomplished our mission. Father Paul ministered to the extremely poor of Kingston and helped over 200 Jamaican children avoid tragedy and become productive citizens. Please take a few minutes on this Website to get to know our history, our founder and our children. Let us help be a model for any successful children's home of the future.

In 2011, our Board of Directors partnered with the Mustard Seed Community, and so this action ends St. Anthony's Home as it was designed by Father Paul. The home will now follow the mission of the Mustard Seed Community. They also minister to the vunerable children and teens of Jamaica but have a more expanded mission of caring also for the disabled.

Mustard Seed would be most grateful for any support you can offer this new home. It will remain in the name of St. Anthony's Children Home in honor of the work done by Father Paul Walsh. There are still a few children remaining from the days of Father Paul. These children would be most grateful for a donation of any size, referrals of those who may desire to help, sponsoring a child's current schooling or future college education, or simply your prayers for the success of Mustard Seed in helping children in need. Donations can be made through Food for the Poor. Please be sure to indicate to whom you donation is for and how you would like it to be spent.

God Bless You
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